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Red X® Reliability Engineers

By John Abrahamian


The Reliability class builds on the skills developed through the Advanced Red X Strategies for Problem Solving class to address complex field problems and “No Trouble Found” problems.

Students will learn to apply Shainin’s disciplined approach to solve field failures starting with identifying if the failure is infant mortality, random or wear-out. From there, students will learn application of strength, energy, and decay strategies. Also covered in this class are the application of accelerated testing techniques along with understanding fatigue failures. Chain of events diagrams will be introduced for the first time to help reproduce failures, develop accelerated testing and identify potential corrective actions. Lastly, engineers will learn how to address the six causes of “No Trouble Found.”

Participants will use the skills and knowledge gained in this course to:

  • Solve complex field problems
  • Apply strength, energy and decay strategies
  • Implement accelerated testing techniques
  • Understand fatigue failures
  • Leverage chain of events diagrams
  • Address “No Trouble Found”
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