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Shainin® Turkey Limited Announces its First Red X® Technologies Class held in Turkey

Fortune 100 Companies use Red X® to Solve Complex Technical Problems


Istanbul – 5 March 2019 – Today at the Hilton Bosporus Hotel, Shainin® Turkey Limited announces its first Red X® Technologies Class taught in Turkey.  The Red X® methodology brings a powerful problem-solving method to quality management systems. This class is part of a formal certification program.  Apprentice training is the first step in teaching engineers the convergent progressive search method which is the root-cause investigation methodology taught by the Shainin® Group.  Over 90% of the largest companies in the world utilize the Red X® method to solve complex technical problems in manufacturing and quality functions.  This training is being attended by 5 companies from several different industries in Turkey. The three-day class is augmented through on-the-job coaching by a Shainin® expert and culminates in formal certification once a major problem-solving project is completed.  Shainin’s patented methodology enables engineers to quickly identify the root cause of complex technical problems.  This allows companies to eliminate waste and improve operational performance and productivity.

“We are very proud to be hosting the first class in Turkey so quickly after the opening of our subsidiary in December of last year,” said Özge Erol, General Manager of Shainin® Turkey Limited.


Positive Customer Impact

Many global companies have already benefited from deploying the Red X® methodology as a complement to their existing quality management system.  Shainin’s customers include major automotive, aerospace, industrial, and appliance manufacturers.  Most of these clients have deployed the Red X® methodology at their other worldwide facilities and are now planning to implement it at their operations in Turkey.

Shainin® Turkey Limited was established on 26 December 2018 and is the newest subsidiary of Shainin® Group which has offices in the USA, Germany, China and India.  Shainin® was founded by the renown Dorian Shainin, a highly distinguished Master of Quality Problem Solving Techniques, who invented the Red X® methodology in 1947.  Shainin® is the global leader in complex technical problem solving and training services.  The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to help clients prevent and solve problems during research, development, and production.  The Red X® tool kit includes over 20 statistical methods which enable rapid problem solving through swift identification of the root cause.  The overall value of Red X® deployment is the elimination of waste, and the reduction of risk in design, manufacturing, and warranty.

For more information contact:  Özge Erol, General Manager of Shainin Turkey Limited

+90 (533) 046 6181

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