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Shainin LLC is proud to announce the opening of a new sales office in São Paulo Brazil



Shainin, the global leader in Complex Technical Problem Solving and Training Services, announced today that they have opened a new sales office in São Paulo, Brazil. Rafael Cardoso, the Operations Manager of Shainin responsible for the Brazilian market stated that this office will enable Shainin to deliver classes, coaching and problem-solving services locally and in Portuguese.

Shainin Red X® methodology was invented by Dorian Shainin in 1947 and brings a powerful convergent progressive search problem-solving method to quality management systems. Shainin Group continued Dorian’s legacy throughout the years and developed over 60 statistical tools to swiftly solve complex technical problems.

Craig Hysong, President of Shainin commented: “A majority of the leading global companies ranging from automotive, aerospace, and other diverse industrial manufacturers have already benefited from deploying the Red X® methodology as a complement to their existing quality systems. They are now planning to implement it at their operational and technical centers in Brazil.”

Shainin offers a wide range of products and services designed to help clients prevent and solve problems during research, development, and production. It allows companies to achieve operational excellence and improved productivity by eliminating waste, reducing design risk, lowering manufacturing scrap, and minimize warranty claims.

For more information contact Rafael Cardoso:  +5511999059616






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