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Coming Soon: Red X® for Lean Engineers

A brand new training course by Shainin. Shainin teaches Lean Engineers the Red X® methodology. This four day class will provide you the skills to solve both technical and non-technical problems.   Utilizing Shainin’s convergent progressive search method, you will transform problems into opportunities and surpass your lean objectives.   [...]

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Shainin Offers Free Problem Solving Technical Assistance For Medical Manufacturers

Shainin Offers Free Problem Solving Technical Assistance For Medical Manufacturers If you work for a company currently producing medical equipment for hospitals that is required for the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis and are experiencing any complex problems that cannot be solved, Shainin will help you for free. Shainin, The Red X [...]

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Dorian Awards 2019 WINNERS

Shainin is pleased to honor outstanding individuals and companies for their achievements and accomplishments with Red X® Technologies. This year in total 9 distinct Dorian Shainin Awards were bestowed. Over 300 submissions were received for the categories of Individual and Company awards.  The final selection was extremely difficult due [...]

Dorian Awards 2019 – Jury Nominations

Shainin is pleased to announce the following formal jury nominations for Dorian Awards. The final winners will be announced on January 15, 2020   Benchmark Apprentice Project Deepanjan Mukherjee, Bosch Ltd., Powertrain Solutions, Nashik Plant, India Geert Veenstra, Philips, Personal Health, Drachten Nathan Solomon, BorgWarner, ETS-Americas, Fletcher Manufacturing Facility, Fletcher [...]

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Dorian Awards 2019

Shainin hereby invites you to submit a formal nomination for the 2019 Dorian Shainin Awards.   The prestigious Dorian Shainin Awards will be bestowed to both individuals and companies for outstanding application of Shainin`s Red X® Technologies, and structured problem-solving leadership, during the year 2019. For more information click here [...]

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