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How can your WCM program benefit from Shainin?



World Class Manufacturing (WCM) was developed by Prof. Yamashina, and is currently used in different manufacturing companies around the world.

The main objective of WCM is to achieve the “Zero”: Zero accidents, Zero defects, Zero losses and Zero stocks.
In order to achieve these results, activities are deployed through 10 pillars.

Each one of these pillars includes specific activities and tasks aimed to achieve results by passing over 7 steps defined to advance and achieve different levels of implementation.

Even though every pillar has activities related to problem solving, we will focus on those that could be benefited by the usage of Structured Problem Solving methodologies.

These pillars are: Cost Deployment (CD) and Quality Control (QC) supported by Focused Improvement (FI).

Cost Deployment uses matrices to identify problems and their associated losses and wastes. Similarly, Quality Control focuses on the root cause analysis of chronic and complex problems.

Both pillars are supported by Focused Improvement, which manages Kaizen Projects with the objective of eliminate the problems and their impacts identified by CD and QC.

Focused Improvements uses Kaizens that are classified in different levels, according to the complexity of the problems.

The most basic are Quick Kaizens, followed by Standard Kaizens, using basic tools like 4M (Ishikawa’s version in WCM). In these kaizens, the problems to be solved are low in complexity and sporadic.

For problems that are complex or very complex and chronic, WCM suggests Major and Advanced Kaizen. These complex problems share some key attributes; the root cause is hidden and they are often made up of an interaction of more than one factor. Because the true root cause is unknown, the best option for corrective action is not obvious.

Major and Advanced Kaizens can benefit from a more structured methodology and tools for problem solving analysis. The Kaizen teams are supported by a specialist (coach). This is where Shainin can support and provide quicker and better results for these projects.

What advantages can be obtained by using Shainin Methodologies?

  • SPEED to get to the root cause.
  • EFFICIENCY in resource utilization.
  • FOCUS to go quickly and maximize impact.
  • SIMPLICITY in using techniques and understanding results.
  • STANDARD WORK to ensure consistency of application.

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