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Shainin Symposium 2017

On Thursday the 16th of November 2017, the Shainin Symposium for Europe and Asia was held in Munich Germany. Guests from 15 different countries attended the Symposium to address the subject “Complex-Technical-Problem-Solving” and to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Shainin’s Red X methodology. The Symposium was held at the [...]

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How Lean is your Six Sigma Program

Combining Lean and Six Sigma has become extremely popular. Everywhere I turn, Six Sigma programs have morphed into Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is designed to combine business improvement methods to improve quality and efficiency. Lean production emphasizes the elimination of waste; Six Sigma strives for improvement in process performance. The Six Sigma [...]

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Shainin and Six Sigma

We are often asked to describe the difference between Shainin and Six Sigma. That question is more than it is. Shainin has developed standalone programs to help our clients achieve their Six Sigma goals. In other instances, Shainin technology has greatly enhanced existing Six Sigma programs. OPEN DOCUMENT

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Refining the Art of Asking Why

Many companies which have successful Lean Manufacturing programs, use a 5 Interrogative approach for technical problem solving. By the end of the year, the result is a "problem". This can be a very powerful way of doing it. However, there are two major challenges with the 5 Why approach; The first is the [...]

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(Senior) Consultant – Japan

Department: Consulting  Location: Japan Job Title: Consultant – Shainin Limited ASIA Status: Open  Job Reference Code: CSE 106 About Shainin Shainin is a consulting company with a global footprint focusing on solving the most complex technical problems in the world. Shainin’s methodology has been build and optimized for technical solving with cus on speed, efficiency and [...]

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