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Dorian Award 2021 Finalists

Congratulations to all our finalists for the Dorian Awards! 

Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination for 2021; we were overwhelmed by both the quantity and quality of nominations submitted. Following a lengthy and rigorous review process completed by our global review board, we’ve selected several simply exceptional teams and individuals as finalists for the Dorian Awards. Check out the finalists below and stay tuned for the unveiling of the winners in February!

What are the Dorian Awards?

Named after the great pioneer in problem-solving Dorian Shainin, the prestigious Dorian Awards are bestowed on project teams, leaders, and companies for the outstanding application of Shainin`s Red X® Technologies and structured problem-solving leadership. These awards afford Shainin – The X® Company the opportunity to congratulate and honor those teams, leaders, and companies that deserve additional commendation for their fantastic work in problem solving over the previous year.

The following information contains categories and standards for the annual Dorian awards given by Shainin – The Red X® Company for Excellence in Complex Technical Problem Solving. There are three types of awards: Team, Leadership and Company.

These awards are bestowed on:

Teams who have demonstrated outstanding application of Shainin technologies in solving complex technical problems in their Shainin project.

Leaders who have increased the impact of Red X technologies within their organization.

Companies who have successfully developed an effective Red X® Program within a facility, division, region, or company.

Team Project Award Categories

Team Project Award Criteria

1.    Plant Manufacturing Project of the Year Award

2.    Field Reliability Project of the Year Award

3.    Product Development Project of the Year Award

4.    Resilient Engineering Project of the Year Award

5.    TransaXional Business Project of the Year Award

·  Speed and efficiency of the problem solved

·  Technical difficulty and complexity of the problem solved

·  Project impact and leverage across the organization

·  Creative use of Shainin technologies

·  Clarity of the project documentation

Leadership Award Categories

Leadership Award Criteria

1. Rolling Top 5® Leadership Awards

·  Demonstrates leadership guidance, structural framework, and effective mentoring of a dynamic problem-solving culture.

·  Conducts regular reviews to ensure that key projects are solved quickly and efficiently.

·  Encourages major suppliers and customers to jointly solve problems by using Shainin methods and leveraging the results.

·  Actively recognizes and rewards outstanding performance in problem- solving.

·  The number of successful projects and certifications.

2. Red X® Master of the Year Award

·  Expands the impact of Red X technologies within the organization.

·  Results including projects completed that made a significant impact to improving business performance.

·  The number of individuals coached to certification.

Company Award Category

Company Award Criteria

1. Bottom Line Improvement Award


·  Demonstrates impact of Shainin technology greatly improving key business metrics.

·  Examples include: scrap reduction, yield improvement, throughput, warranty reductions, field failure avoidance, and other technical solutions resulting in savings.

·  Enables a successful launch of a new program or product.

Please note: all submissions will be treated as confidential, and no details or project names will be publicly disclosed.