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Shainin Offers Free Problem Solving Technical Assistance For Medical Manufacturers

If you work for a company currently producing medical equipment for hospitals that is required for the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis and are experiencing any complex problems that cannot be solved, Shainin will help you for free.

Shainin, The Red X Company, has over 70 years of experience in finding the root cause of complex technical problems. We have a great deal of experience in diverse industries including Medical Device manufacturing. Frequently problems are encountered during production ramp-up of a new product. We are aware that many of our clients are currently beginning to produce medical devices such as ventilators or masks to help support the requirements of hospitals during this pandemic crisis. Shainin management would like to inform all manufacturers that if you are producing any medical devices or products and are having technical problems, we will provide our services free of charge. Our Red X methodology is famous for its speed and systematic approach for identifying the technical root cause of problems in production, quality, and reliability. Our approach in structured problem solving is known as a “convergent progressive search” method and we have over 20 IP tools which we use to quickly find the hidden root causes of complex problems so that they can be sustainably eliminated.

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