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Articles of Interest

In this section, we provide interesting articles about various Shainin technologies:

This study Illustrates:  Automotive Industry’s View of the Current State of Quality and a Strategic Path Forward.
«OEMs and Suppliers both identify Problem Solving is their #1 most critical issue.» 

Dorian Awards 2020 – Winners

The prestigious Dorian Shainin Awards are bestowed to companies, leaders, and project team members for outstanding application of Shainin`s Red X® Technologies, and structured problem-solving leadership. The 2020 nominations reflected strong leadership supporting solving and preventing complex problems as well [...]

Shainin Presents A Brand New Training Course

Shainin Presents A Brand New Training Course We now have a class specifically designed to teach 6σ Black Belts the Red X® methodology. This five day class will significantly enhance your ability to solve complex problems quickly and efficiently. [...]

Coming Soon: Red X® for Lean Engineers

A brand new training course by Shainin. Shainin teaches Lean Engineers the Red X® methodology. This four day class will provide you the skills to solve both technical and non-technical problems.   Utilizing Shainin’s convergent progressive search method, you will [...]

Red X® BasiX Coming Soon.

  Shainin is offering a new training course.   It is a one day class designed to give an introduction into the Shainin methodology.   People will be introduced to the tools and methodology of the global benchmark in technical [...]

How can your WCM program benefit from Shainin?

How can your WCM program benefit from Shainin?     World Class Manufacturing (WCM) was developed by Prof. Yamashina, and is currently used in different manufacturing companies around the world. The main objective of WCM is to achieve the “Zero”: [...]

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