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Department: Consulting 

Location: Japan

Job Title: Consultant – Shainin Limited ASIA

Status: Open 

Job Reference Code: CSE 106

About Shainin

Shainin is a consulting company with a global footprint focusing on solving the most complex technical problems in the world. Shainin’s methodology has been build and optimized for technical solving with cus on speed, efficiency and sustainability on complex, constrained environments. Our deep roots are within in product development and manufacturing and our services have evolved to support IT infrastructure and business process performance. Shainin’s engineers combine statistical thinking with engineering insight to solve problems that were thought to be unsolvable.

We target reducing risks, improving system performance, ensuring quality and guaranteeing optimized operations. We do this along the entire product life cycle in product development, manufacturing and cross functional domains like supply chain management and information technology.

Careers within Shainin

We always look for experienced top talent who share our passion for innovation and technical excellence, to make the impossible possible for our clients around the world.

At Shainin, you will experience a dynamic, innovative, empowering and rewarding environment filled with excitement, growth, and motivated teammates who display distinctive passion for delivering results that exceed customers’ expectations. We seek people with strong educational backgrounds and a solid grasp for industry challenges. The Shainin culture attracts, develops and retains superior talent.

We redefine the term « quality » using our technical expertise to resolutely solve unforeseeable problems and prevent predictable ones. But we are more than technicians, we seek the transformative effect, introducing our clients to progressive concepts that translate into their competitive advantage. Our unsurpassed talent drives Shainin’s prosperity and nurtures its success.

To continue our successful journey, we need very special people. People who are as unique as they are diverse in terms of culture, background and skills. Because as we know: what ultimately makes us different and unique are our people.


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Job Description:

Fun at work. Enjoy team spirit. Desire to solve the most complex problems of the world.

The Consultant will provide targeted process improvement support with the objective of identifying and addressing root causes around quality problems in different areas in various industries – focus on automotive & aerospace & defense. This will include working within a team to consult key stakeholder in the organization to understand current state processes, identify and collect data to determine root causes and develop implementation / corrective action plans. Necessary prerequisite for this person are excellent interpersonal and good engineering skills, preferable in the quality improvement areas with Shainin background knowledge.

Role & Functions:

  • Candidates will possess significant experience in engineering, manufacturing and operations. The Shainin Consultant demonstrates:
  • Gather and analyze data, workflows, and other relevant information
  • Support facilitation of meetings with key stakeholders
  • Support developing action/implementation plans
  • Conduct process observations to understand current state
  • Effectively apply Shainin methodology & toolbox and enforces project standards Manage day-to-day operational aspects of a project
  • Use and apply relevant Shainin tools to conduct a thorough analysis of root causes
  • Prepare for engagement reviews and quality assurance procedures
  • Effectively communicate relevant project information to superiors
  • Aware to responsiveness to project requests
  • Execute technical and/or process improvement consulting engagements within team
  • Ensure professional delivery of services, project reporting and executive sponsorship
  • Organize clients project teams to enforce consulting excellence in all engagements
  • Establish an excellent working relationship with the project team and the shop floor

Working Experience Requirements:

  • 3+ years of advanced consulting and/or process improvement experience (in OEM environment preferred)
  • Preferable Shainin methodology knowledge
  • Experience with data gathering and analysis
  • Experience in working within diverse groups of stakeholders and effectively facilitating teams
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office tools required (Project, Word, PowerPoint, Excel). Knowledge of statistical software tools.
  • Experience in lab and/or production environment – shop floor level
  • Familiar with Japanese industrial environment

Minimum Education Requirements:

  • BA/BS Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • Experience with Shainin or related quality improvement methodology required
  • Statistical knowledge
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills required
  • Outstanding written and presentation skills required
  • Exceptional analytical skills required
  • Familiar with Japanese culture and infrastructure
  • Language: Fluency in English & Japanese

If you are interested in working at Shainin and if you have specialized skills or expertise that do not match our current openings, we encourage you to submit your resume for consideration. Having your resume in our files will give us the opportunity to contact you. Please send us your application and resume to

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