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We are hiring eXperts in Problem Solving!

You enjoy and are self-motivated by:

  1. Solving complex problems throughout industries
  2. Helping companies in achieving operational excellence
  3. Leading your own projects at client sites, engineering centers or remotely
  4. Training and coaching engineers in the Red X methodology
  5. Supporting clients throughout Asia

Then we might have the right job to develop yourself professionally and personally.

About Shainin – The Red X Company

“Simplicity, speed, and effectiveness in complex technical problem solving”

We are a global engineering services company specialized in root cause investigation and professional development. With offices in Seattle, Detroit, Sao Paulo, Munich, Bursa, Pune and Shanghai; we offer more than 70 years of experience and expertise in structured problem solving, resilient engineering, reliability, and business process optimization. Shainin engineers have a profound understanding of statistical thinking combined with engineering insight to solve the most complex problems where the root cause is hidden.

Since the invention of the Red X methodology by Dorian Shainin we have developed more than 60 statistically based techniques and tools designed for solving highly complicated problems.

At Shainin, you will find a dynamic and rewarding environment, shared by motivated multi-cultural teammates filled with enthusiasm, drive, and creativity. On a daily basis we help customers solve their most complex problems and help them develop resilient and reliable new products and services.

Your role:

  • Leading Complex Problem Solving Projects at our clients in Asia
  • Training Engineers in the Red X methodology
  • Coaching Red X Candidates on site and remotely
  • Certifying Red X Candidates based on project reviews and candidate interviews
  • Supporting business development in Asia
  • Leading internal projects and contributing to the growth of the company


  • Bachelor’s (or higher) Degree in Engineering or Science
  • 5+ years of professional experience
  • Willingness to travel
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills in Chinese and English
  • Ability to work hands-on in different industries, multiple projects and cross functional teams
  • Excellent analytical skills with a strong sense of logic
  • Ability to structure problem solving strategies while paying attention to details
  • Outstanding project management skills

The skills which may make the difference:

  • You speak other language(s) like Korean or Japanese
  • You are a certified Red X Apprentice, Journeyman or Master
  • You are experienced in statistical problem solving and quality improvement methodologies
  • You are an expert in Big Data and Data Analysis

Are you interested? Please send your cover letter CV to –

Location: China, completely flexible

Start Date: ASAP






  1. 解决各个行业中的复杂问题
  2. 帮助企业实现卓越运营
  3. 在客户现场、工程中心或远程引领自己的项目
  4. 培训和辅导工程师使用Red X方法
  5. 支持亚洲各地的客户



“ 简单、快速、有效地解决复杂的技术问题”


自多利安•谢宁发明Red X方法以来,我们已经开发了60多种基于统计的技术和工具来解决高度复杂的问题。



  • 引领亚洲地区客户的复杂问题解决项目
  • 为工程师提供Red X方法培训
  • 现场或远程辅导Red X候选人
  • 进行项目评审和候选人面试,认证Red X候选人
  • 支持亚洲地区的业务发展
  • 引领内部项目,为公司的成长做出贡献


  • 拥有工程或理学学士(或更高)学位
  • 5年以上工作经验
  • 愿意出差
  • 优秀的中英文书面、口头沟通及演讲能力
  • 能够在不同行业、多个项目和跨职能团队中进行实际工作
  • 优秀的分析能力,逻辑能力强
  • 能够在构建问题解决策略的同时关注细节
  • 优秀的项目管理技能


  • 您会说其他语言,如韩语或日语
  • 您是认证的Red X Apprentice, Journeyman 或 Master
  • 您在统计问题解决和质量改进方法方面经验丰富
  • 您是大数据及数据分析方面的专家


工作地点: 中国,地点灵活

开始时间: 尽快

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