If your problem solving isn't something you Brag about...

It probably needs some work

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In A World Where Your Customers Can Source A New Vendor Tomorrow...

...the ability to Solve Problems matters

With customers wanting perfect products, the pressure is on to produce good quality without defects. But no one is perfect. It’s never fun to be on the receiving end of the phone when a prized customer chooses to go in a “different direction.”

And as products and processes become more complex, so do the problems that accompany them. Your customers are looking for you to be able to confidently and quickly resolve any problems.

It takes more than 5-whys, fishbones and statistics to pinpoint the intricate causes of your most solution-resistant and critical problems.

You and your team need to feel confident in your method and ability to take on all of your business’s critical challenges: big and small.

Get Recognized, Not Reprimanded

Stand out in a sea of Problem Solvers

Help not hinder

Be the vendor your customers call for problem-solving assistance, not the one they blame

Speed & Efficiency

Solve problems faster than you ever thought possible. Contain issues with quick and reliable, statistically-backed results

Conserve Resources

Save time and money on problem solving and testing. Do you really need 30 more samples and hours in the measurement lab?

Clear Communication

Have a program that gets all levels of the chain speaking the same language. Problem solving is a team effort and communication is key to success.

...with a problem-solving program that functions
like a well-oiled machine

An ROI you can Boast About

Problem Solving Training ROI graph for Customer X

An ROI you can Boast About

Just like in your business, anything worth having costs something. And in most cases an investment is only as good as it’s return on that investment.

Wondering how good of an ROI you could get? One of our customers shared their ROI with us during the first four years of our partnership. At year 4, they had reached an ROI of 76:1 and saved $275M USD.

What’s your problem-solving program’s ROI?

We'll bet it's not 76:1.
Or even 15 times your investment.
With problem resolution, unbiased capability validation, and multi-level development built into the program, our problem-solving partners have consistently seen 10x, 15x, and 25x their investment in return.

Transform your Problem Solving Approach from...

Worried Lego man at desk to show doubt in problem solving ability
Worried Lego man at desk to show doubt in problem solving ability
Happy Meeting with Success and Confidence


And when it comes to combining training, hands-on problem solving with guided execution of concepts, and unbiased third-party certification…

We do it better than anyone else.

create a program that solves problems and inspires confidence both internally and externally

A problem solving program with no return on investment is a waste of money. Robust problem solving programs need each of those 3 components to make them sustainable and credible. Unlike other training programs, our process invests our time in you and your team.

Solving Problems Takes a Team

With so many intricate designs, it takes more than one person to solve most of today's problems. Training a single individual, although possible, doesn't set your team up for success. Creating productive problem solving requires a team effort. And it's best when the whole team speaks the same language. Think Avengers not Superman.

Make Your Problem Solving Count

Choosing projects that impact your business is the first step to making sure you get that 15x ROI. As your team implements their new skills to solve that problem, they'll be guided by a seasoned Shainin coach. To safegaurd your investment, that coach works with your team to advise and review their strategy and execution of the problem-solving concepts they've been trained on. Pairing training with guided execution yields better ROI, which builds internal confidence.

Build Confidence with Customers

We've all been part of a team where there's one person who doesn't pull their weight. When the team wins, that person wins too. Although that can work in sports... Professional skill certifications shouldn't be given unless it's fully earned. Inside a business, sometimes politics can get in the way of that. We provide the ONLY certifying body for our training to maintain the quality of the method. It's what helps inspire that external confidence and build customer relationships. Just ask our problem solving partners.

A Few of our Problem Solving Partners

Better, Faster, More Impactful

At this point, you’ve definitely had some instances where you needed your problem solving to be better, faster and more effective.
And we want to help you create a program that you can rely on to come through.

Because You Could...

keep trying to solve problems the way you always have

…with mountainous sample sizes, thousands of dollars spent on testing, hours spent exploring every possible cause you can think of, and 5-whying your team to death….


You Could Enhance...

your approach by partnering with a team…

…that’s guided businesses through the process of developing robust problem-solving programs that yield incredible ROIs and build confidence in the validity of your investigative results.

Vamos aprimorar suas habilidades em Resolução de Problemas

For small teams or new problem solvers

The RedX Six Pack

6 people | 3 projects | 1 coach
The six-pack is designed to get a return on your investment from the start and add tools to your team’s existing toolbox – so you can get a feel for how our methodology can truly enhance your problem-solving program and your business.

This is the right package if…

Our coaches support your team even before training begins. We’ll help you select projects for your team to work on so that you get the best out of the training and your team. As your team works through solving their first problems with our process, a coach will be there to assist them and help solidify their application of the concepts. Basically, we’re here to guide them to ensure your resources aren’t going to waste.

It’s time to build confidence internally and externally in your problem-solving ability. Let’s enhance your existing program and solve some problems to make sure you’re earning a return on your investment right from the start.

Eliminate problems faster and more efficiently with a transformative approach

For organizations ready to dive in & solve big problems

The Full Program

20+ people | 10+ projects | 2+ Levels
Designed to interface with multiple levels in your organization, a full problem solving program offers even better returns than a six-pack. This method helps your organization build a problem solving culture that knows not only how to solve problems but also how to maintain a sustainable program with growing returns. Transform the way you communicate about problems to cut through the fluff. Have a defined process for selecting valuable projects and successful teams that solve quickly, minimize waste, and enjoy working on the projects.

This is the right package if…

Each organization is different and our Full Program will be molded to fit your exact needs. Our Rolling Top 5® for Leadership transforms the way your Leadership Team sees and identifies top problems to get more impactful projects. With guidance from our coaches, you’ll target the most impactful problems to solve and have a team of problem solvers who understand how you prioritized the problems, increasing organizational awareness and connection. Just like with the Six-Pack above, your team of problem solvers will be guided through project execution to safeguard your investment right from the start.

It’s time to build sustainability into your problem-solving process. Let’s craft a unique and tailored program for your needs to see a growing return on your problem-solving investment in more ways than one.

Meeting at a company with speaker discussing problem solving programs

Ready to get started Solving Problems?

We're glad to hear it!

Since you know the value of what we’re talking about, you know we’re selective about our partners. We don’t work with everyone.

We partner with organizations that value investing in their business and their team. We want to help you create a problem-solving program that doesn’t leave any team member out of the loop.

We have training available in various countries around the globe, but we only offer so many each year. Let’s talk about what dates best fit your team. If you’re interested in a full program, let’s talk about training at your facility.

If you’re interested in having a conversation to determine what our partnership could look like, we’re standing by…

…ready to talk…

from anywhere in the world.

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Over 70 years of Experience

Evolution & Proven Strategy

When your problems are keeping you up at night, we want to know. Our team has been in the problem-solving business for over 70 years, and we’re passionate about helping you and your organization not just survive but thrive too.

It all started with a need to help suppliers get their products up to par for a single customer and with a single product engineer struggling to produce much-needed parts for the ongoing war effort in the US in 1939.

But what started as a need for a single company became a lifelong work. Dorian Shainin challenged the common perceptions of problem solving. He chose to believe that there was more he could do to help his customers. He was inspired by their needs, and our customers’ needs have continued to inspire our innovation year after year. Learn more about our technologies here.

Over the years, our technology has evolved to serve many different industries and multiple different types of problems. And that growth hasn’t always been easy. We’ve learned quite a few things that help us continue to serve our customers better and better as the years go by. Through our partnership with our customers, we have a shared motivation to solve problems and create lasting and sustainable problem-solving programs.

But how? With a process that anyone in your company can use and understand and can be applied to nearly any part of your process. From design to production to processes and even to management.

Ready to get started solving? We can’t wait to meet you!

Smiling Team Sitting in a row

Which tech is right for you

Simple in form, Statistically Rigorous by Nature

Vamos começar nossa jornada

So if you’re a busy manager who’s tired of just hoping that your team can solve the problem before your customer finds out and you want to have confidence in your team to quickly and effectively solve problems…

With a problem-solving process that repeatedly earns 10x your investment in return..

Then let’s Enhance Your Problem Solving…

Need to share this information with your organization? Download our Problem Solving Program Guide .

Critérios Dorian Awards

Prêmio Master do ano

O prêmio Master of the Year é para líderes que aumentaram o impacto da resolução de problemas usando tecnologias Shainin dentro de sua organização.

Para ser considerada para este prêmio, a inscrição deve atender aos seguintes critérios:

  • Aplicar habilidades de liderança para expandir o impacto das tecnologias RedX dentro da organização.
  • Os resultados incluem projetos completos que tiveram um impacto signficiantes na performance do negócio
  • Número de pessoas mentoradas para certificação

Critérios Dorian Awards

Prêmio de Liderança RT5

O Rolling Top 5 Leadership Award é para líderes que aumentaram o impacto da solução de problemas usando tecnologias Shainin dentro de sua organização.

Para ser considerada para este prêmio, a inscrição deve atender aos seguintes critérios:

  • Demonstrar liderança, estrutura e planejamento, e mentoria efetiva e dinâmica da cultura de resolução de problemas.
  • Conduzir revisões regulares para garantir que projetos chaves sejam resolvidos com velocidade e eficiência.
  • Encorajar os maiores fornecedores e clientes para juntos resolverem problemas usando as metodologias Shainin e alavancando resultados.
  • Reconhecer e recompensar ativamente a performance em resolução de problemas.
  • O número de projetos bem sucedidos e certificações

Critérios Dorian Awards

Prêmios de projeto de equipe

Esta categoria do prêmio é para reconhecer times de projetos que demonstraram habilidades extraordinárias na aplicação das metodologias da Shainin na resolução de problemas dentro de sua companhia.

Para ser considerada para este prêmio, a inscrição deve atender aos seguintes critérios:

  • Velocidade e Eficiência na Resolução de Problema
  • Dificuldade Técnica e complexidade no problema resolvido
  • Impacto do projeto e alavancamento através da organização
  • Uso criativo das tecnologias da Shainin
  • Clareza na documentação do projeto

Critérios Dorian Awards

Prêmios da empresa

Esta categoria do prêmio é para reconhecer companhias que tiveram sucesso em desenvolver o Programa RedX dentro de suas dependências, divisão ou região, demonstrando melhorias de grande impacto com este desenvolvimento.

Para ser considerada para este prêmio, a inscrição deve atender aos seguintes critérios:

  • Demonstrar o impacto das tecnologias da Shainin melhorando as métricas de negócio.
  • Exemplos incluem: redução de sucata, eliminação de gargalos, retrabalhos, inspeções ou embarques controlados, redução de garantia, reclamação de cliente, aumento de confiabilidade ou outras soluções técnicas de impacto relevante ao negócio.
  • Permitir um lançamento de um novo programa ou produto com sucesso