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Shainin hereby invites you to submit a formal nomination for the 2019 Dorian Shainin Awards.


The prestigious Dorian Shainin Awards will be bestowed to both individuals and companies for outstanding application of Shainin`s Red X® Technologies, and structured problem-solving leadership, during the year 2019. For more information click here to see the criteria and rules for the awards.


Dorian Award Nominations will be accepted until November 15th, 2019.


You may fill out a nomination form by clicking the appropriate link below.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:
Craig Hysong, President
Phillip Thompson, President
Shainin Group


Email: or
Phone: +1 248 344 2020 x315 or +49 (89) 72 609 18 x400



There are two categories of awards.

Awards can be won by individuals or by companies.


There are six individual awards:

  1. Benchmark Apprentice Project of the Year Award

  2. Benchmark Journeyman Project of the Year Award

  3. Benchmark Master Project of the Year Award

  4. Rolling Top 5 Executive of the Year Award

  5. Red X Master of the Year Award

  6. Rolling Top 5 Leadership Excellence Award


There are three awards bestowed on companies (these can be for an entire company, a business unit, or a manufacturing facility).

  1. Bottom Line Improvement Award

  2. Project Sponsorship Management Award

  3. Y to X Problem Solving Cultural Excellence Award

To nominate either an individual and/or a company for any of these awards, simply follow these directions:


***Dorian Award Nomination Submissions Now Closed.



***Please find the Winners of the 2018 Dorian Shainin Awards here***

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