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Shainin is pleased to announce the following formal jury nominations for Dorian Awards.

The final winners will be announced on January 15, 2020


Benchmark Apprentice Project

  • Deepanjan Mukherjee, Bosch Ltd., Powertrain Solutions, Nashik Plant, India

  • Geert Veenstra, Philips, Personal Health, Drachten

  • Nathan Solomon, BorgWarner, ETS-Americas, Fletcher Manufacturing Facility, Fletcher NC

  • Raúl Alberto Cabañas Contreras, Airbus Commercial Aircraft, Illescas Plant, Spain

  • Rebecca Reid, Pratt and Whitney Dallas Airfoil Repair Operations – DARO, Great Pairie, TX

  • Kenn Zhou, ZF, China


Benchmark Journeyman Project

  • Benjamin Sheen, Eaton, Vehicle Group, Galesburg

  • Christine Danjoy, Airbus SAS, Toulouse

  • Edgar Bignion, Liebherr Machines Bulle, QM, Bulle

  • David Lin, Delphi Technologies Yantai China


Benchmark Master Project

  • John Beluska, Robert Bosch Automotive Steering, Florence, KY

  • Lorenzo Benini, Dana, Off Highway, Arco

  • Bryan Arnold, FCA Chrysler Technical Center, Auburn Hills, MI

  • Dan Bamber, BorgWarner, Transmission Systems, PTC Auburn Hills

  • Ramesh Raichur, Bosch LTD, RBIN Bangalore


Master of the Year

  • Alfonso Melchor-Perez, Airbus Commercial Aircraft

  • Cliff Owens, BorgWarner

  • Luis Ramon Lopez Sandoval, Bosch

  • Robert Kinnear, ZF

  • Valeria Tarango, Delphi Technologies

  • Aldo Andres Alarcon Gonzalez, Bosch


Bottom Line Improvement

  • Robert Bosch Automotive Steering, Florence, KY

  • Vitesco Technologies (Continental Automotive) Powertrain plant Limbach-Oberfrohna

  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Engineering Body Group


Red X® Project Sponsorship Management

  • Airbus Commercial Aircraft Illescas plant

  • Bosch India Ltd

  • Bourns, Inc.


Y to X® Problem Solving Cultural Excellence

  • FCA Chrysler Technical Center

  • Delphi Technologies

  • Robert Bosch LLC Anderson Plant

  • United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd.

  • Robert Bosch Automotive Steering, Florence KY

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