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Shainin is pleased to honor outstanding individuals and companies for their achievements and accomplishments with Red X® Technologies. This year in total 9 distinct Dorian Shainin Awards were bestowed.

Over 300 submissions were received for the categories of Individual and Company awards.  The final selection was extremely difficult due to the outstanding quality of so many nominations.  In some cases, there was less than .1% difference in the final scores.  We are proud to announce today the final results and ultimate winners of the 2019 Dorian Awards.

The Winners of the 2019 Dorian Awards for Individuals are:

Benchmark Red X® Apprentice Project

Rebecca Reid
Pratt and Whitney Dallas Airfoil Repair Operations (DARO)
Great Prairie, TX, USA
Nathan Solomon
BorgWarner, ETS-Americas,
Fletcher NC, USA

Benchmark Red X® Journeyman Project

Christine Danjoy
Airbus SAS, Toulouse, France

Benchmark Red X® Master Project

Lorenzo Benini
Dana, Off Highway, Arco, Italy

RT5® Leadership Excellence Award

Chad Bauer
Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies

Sebastian Boettcher
Robert Bosch Automotive Steering

Frank Eichel
United Automotive Electronic Systems

Rodrigo Espinosa
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Dean Flower
Detroit Diesel Corporation Daimler Trucks

Victor Gaylor
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Jim Ward

Michael Zink
Robert Bosch Automotive Steering

Red X® Master of the Year Award

Valeria Tarango
Delphi Technologies

RT5® Executive of the Year Award

Dr. Andreas Wolf
Robert Bosch

The Winners of the 2019 Dorian Awards for Company Operation or Site are:

Bottom Line Improvement Excellence Award

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Engineering Body Group, Auburn Hills Mi, USA

Red X® Project Sponsorship Management

Airbus Commercial Aircraft
Illescas Plant, Spain

Y to X® Problem Solving Cultural Excellence Award

Robert Bosch
Automotive Steering Florence KY, USA

The final winners were chosen from a distinguished list of formal nomination recipients. Each of these nominations indicates that they were among the best of the best which were received and reviewed by the selection jury. The following is a list of the formal nominations for this year’s Dorian Awards.

Benchmark Apprentice Project

  • Deepanjan Mukherjee, Bosch Ltd., Powertrain Solutions, Nashik Plant, India

  • Geert Veenstra, Philips, Personal Health, Drachten

  • Nathan Solomon, BorgWarner, ETS-Americas, Fletcher Manufacturing Facility, Fletcher NC

  • Raúl Alberto Cabañas Contreras, Airbus Commercial Aircraft, Illescas Plant, Spain

  • Rebecca Reid, Pratt and Whitney Dallas Airfoil Repair Operations – DARO, Great Pairie, TX

  • Kenn Zhou, ZF, China

Benchmark Journeyman Project

  • Benjamin Sheen, Eaton, Vehicle Group, Galesburg

  • Christine Danjoy, Airbus SAS, Toulouse

  • Edgar Bignion, Liebherr Machines Bulle, QM, Bulle

  • David Lin, Delphi Technologies Yantai China

Benchmark Master Project

  • John Beluska, Robert Bosch Automotive Steering, Florence, KY

  • Lorenzo Benini, Dana, Off Highway, Arco

  • Bryan Arnold, FCA Chrysler Technical Center, Auburn Hills, MI

  • Dan Bamber, BorgWarner, Transmission Systems, PTC Auburn Hills

  • Ramesh Raichur, Bosch LTD, RBIN Bangalore

Master of the Year

  • Alfonso Melchor-Perez, Airbus Commercial Aircraft

  • Cliff Owens, BorgWarner

  • Luis Ramon Lopez Sandoval, Bosch

  • Robert Kinnear, ZF

  • Valeria Tarango, Delphi Technologies

  • Aldo Andres Alarcon Gonzalez, Bosch

Bottom Line Improvement

  • Robert Bosch Automotive Steering, Florence, KY

  • Vitesco Technologies (Continental Automotive) Powertrain plant Limbach-Oberfrohna

  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Engineering Body Group

Red X® Project Sponsorship Management

  • Airbus Commercial Aircraft Illescas plant

  • Bosch India Ltd

  • Bourns, Inc.

Y to X® Problem Solving Cultural Excellence

  • FCA Chrysler Technical Center

  • Delphi Technologies

  • Robert Bosch LLC Anderson Plant

  • United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd.

  • Robert Bosch Automotive Steering, Florence KY

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

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