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Reactive Problem Solving

Products failing at the customer, whether in the field or on a test stand, demand a rapid response. Market leaders must find the true root cause to ensure that a sustainable, cost-effective solution is implemented.


A Shainin cross functional team will investigate to understand the critical relationships causing product failures in customer applications. Building on previously gathered data and analyses, with innovative clue generation techniques, Shainin will partner with client engineers to quickly converge on the critical factors causing the failures. Extensive experience in dealing with complex interactions among product variability, specific customer environments and applications allows Shainin to unravel some of the most multifaceted technical problems.


Shainin projects improve product reliability and customer satisfaction, by identifying and controlling the critical characteristics in client products or processes.


Shainin’s experience, dealing with field failures and customer durability test failures, positions them as a valuable partner to help avoid typical pitfalls, including: trying to develop a solution without being able to recreate the failure; or needing extremely long test times to confirm fixes.

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