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Leadership Development Rolling Top 5®

The Rolling Top 5® seminar is designed to lay the foundation of leadership awareness for structured problem solving. It teaches management what role they need to fulfil in order to create a successful problem solving culture across an entire organization.

This seminar enables participants to quickly and efficiently develop and lead a problem solving program. It explains situations where structured problem solving is critical, gives an overview of different problem solving methodologies and describes how it is a part of Lean Management.

A Shainin coach guides project sponsors and team leaders through the structured problem solving process; including the investigation, confirmation and solution phases. Sponsors learn to: develop well-defined, focused projects, recognize effective convergent strategies, assess the quality of evidence supporting a decision, evaluate confirmation tests and track the effectiveness of implemented solutions.

Shainin leadership classes provide the knowledge required to effectively sponsor projects and develop a Shainin based problem solving and prevention culture. Shainin offers two Rolling Top 5® courses:

  1. Fundamentals: This one day seminar explores basic problem solving approaches from Lean, Six Sigma and Shainin. Through case studies, participants develop reasonable expectations for each methodology and learn to judge the best approach for a given situation.
  2. Sponsors Workshop: In this one day session, attendees will use class exercises to learn the elements of effective project sponsorship. They will be guided to organize technical projects. These projects will be jointly selected by the client and Shainin coach prior to scheduling the class.

Please contact our offices to schedule a session.

Shainin certification assesses demonstrated skills in Red X project sponsorship and program leadership. Shainin offers two levels of leadership certification:

  1. A Rolling Top 5® Executive will identify top problems within the corporation and ensure that projects relating to the problems are completed quickly and efficiently.
  2. A Rolling Top 5® Manager monitors day-to-day progress on Rolling Top 5® projects, assuring that they are properly resourced and moving rapidly towards completion.


Projects deliver high value. Projects progress steadily. Leadership is aware of the progress of each investigation and can communicate effectively with customers and suppliers. Organizations gain confidence in their ability to successfully deal with future challenges.

Role of a Sponsor

The role of a sponsor is key in a successful Red X training program. For additional information on the role of a sponsor, please watch the video below.

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