Certification Levels

Certification provides an objective standard for evaluating a professional`s skill at using the Shainin strategies and techniques. Leadership certification addresses project selection, project sponsorship and cultural change. Technical certification addresses strategy development, strategy execution and communication.

Coaching: An Essential Part of Certification

Hands-on experience in a real work environment is a critical part of the Shainin certification program. This ensures that the student works on real life problems and that the results bring value to the client organization. Students must work under the guidance of a qualified coach, either a certified Red X Master employed by the client organization or a Shainin consultant. Coaching is critical for developing the skills necessary to solve tough problems or effectively sponsor projects.

Leadership Certification

Rolling Top 5® Executive

A Rolling Top 5® Executive guides the organization to solve top problems. A Rolling Top 5® Executive will identify top problems within the corporation and ensure that projects relating to the problems are completed quickly and efficiently. A Rolling Top 5® Executive will leverage Shainin solutions throughout the corporation.

Rolling Top 5® Manager

A Rolling Top 5® Manager develops projects to support the organization’s key business metrics. Rolling Top 5® Managers monitor day-to-day progress on projects; assure that they are properly resourced and move rapidly towards completion. Rolling Top 5® Managers assist problem solving teams to follow the Red X problem solving process.

Technical Certification

Red X Apprentice

A Red X Apprentice has demonstrated the ability to properly apply Shainin tools. While Red X Apprentices have successfully completed the Red X Strategies for Problem Solving course and participated in a successful Red X project, they are not fully trained in the Shainin Red X problem solving methodology. This is a milestone on the path to Red X Journeyman certification.

Red X Journeyman

A Red X Journeyman is a skilled technical problem solver. A Red X Journeyman has been recognized for demonstrating the ability to develop strategy, execute strategy with discipline and communicate strategy effectively. 

Red X Reliability Engineer

A Red X Reliability Engineer is recognized for demonstrating the ability to unravel complex interactions among the product, the customer application, and the field environment to eliminate previously unidentified failure modes often called “No Trouble Found.” They will be able to recreate field failure modes in order to understand the influences on the failures over time of product strength, application energy, and product decay. They can also provide statistically proven solutions to field reliability problems. 

Red X Master

A Red X Master is an expert technical problem solver; qualified to develop new journeymen. A Red X Master has been recognized for demonstrating the ability to develop, execute and communicate strategy in a variety of technologies. A Red X Master has also demonstrated the ability to coach.

Red X Technician

A Red X Technician is a specialized problem solver trained in a set of Shainin tools relevant to shop floor problems in specific technologies, e.g., fabrication, or assembly.  A Red X Technician is capable of solving problems where the Red X is contained within the local manufacturing system. A Red X Technician can successfully apply fundamental problem solving tools and may assist journeyman on the execution of techniques to support their projects, e.g., Isoplot®, Multi-Vari, and Component Search™.