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Since 1947, we have developed a highly disciplined process for discovering the Red X. Our system is based on three principles:

  1. There is always a Red X that drives the difference between the best and worst performers.
  2. Finding and controlling the Red X is key to solving the problem.
  3. The most efficient path to the Red X is a convergent progressive search.

We continuously refine our existing techniques to improve speed and ease of use; while developing new technology to further extend our capabilities.

Leading global companies rely on Shainin to:

Solve their most challenging technical problems;
mitigate risks in new and existing systems;
develop problem solving resources (training and certification).

A problem, in its simplest form, is a hidden opportunity.

Shainin believes that problems are opportunities to make significant improvements. When hidden root causes are revealed; profound knowledge is gained.

“Bosch utilizes the Shainin Red X methodology in key U.S. manufacturing locations to quickly, efficiently, and effectively solve complex technical problems.”

Doug Young, Vice President, Corporate Sector Purchasing and Logistics - Robert Bosch LLC, USA

“We have successfully developed a global team of Red X masters which has been instrumental in improving our problem solving skills.”

David Kneisler, Vice President, Global Quality - Dana Holding Corporation, USA
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