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Articles of Interest

In this section, we provide interesting articles about various Shainin technologies:

This study Illustrates:  Automotive Industry’s View of the Current State of Quality and a Strategic Path Forward.
“OEMs and Suppliers both identify Problem Solving is their #1 most critical issue.” 

Dorian Shainin’s Contribution to the Lunar Mission of NASA

Dorian Shainin's Contribution to the Lunar Mission of NASA Celebrating 50 Years Since Man First Set Foot on the Moon By Richard D. Shainin   In the 1960s, Dorian was engaged as a reliability consultant by Grumman Aerospace. They wanted [...]

Press Release: New Sales Office in São Paulo Brazil

Shainin LLC is proud to announce the opening of a new sales office in São Paulo Brazil     Shainin, the global leader in Complex Technical Problem Solving and Training Services, announced today that they have opened a new sales [...]

2018 Dorian Awards Nominees & Winners

On October 25th,2018 in Munich, Germany, Shainin hosted the Dorian Award Ceremony to honor outstanding individuals and companies for their achievements and accomplishments with Red X Technologies. This year in total 8 awards were bestowed. Over 70 submissions were received [...]

Red X® Reliability Engineers

Red X® Reliability Engineers By John Abrahamian   The Reliability class builds on the skills developed through the Advanced Red X Strategies for Problem Solving class to address complex field problems and “No Trouble Found” problems. Students will [...]

The Role of Statistics in Red X® Problem Solving

The Role of Statistics in Red X® Problem Solving By Richard D. Shainin   Dorian called his discipline Statistical Engineering. He didn’t mean that he was engineering statistics. Rather he saw his problem-solving approach as combining engineering insight with statistical [...]

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