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Our Technology

Building on Dorian’s Legacy

Since Dorian Shainin’s retirement in 1995, the organization he founded has continued to develop new technology for revealing the hidden causes that keep complex systems from performing their best. Some of these developments are statistical tools; supporting the rapid analysis of data to gain insights about critical cause-effect relationships. Some of these developments are engineering tools; supporting the analysis of system structures and measuring responses that provide critical insights in to the physics of a problem. Some of these developments are management tools for the selection of high impact projects and the rapid resolution of problems.

Each and every development has remained true to Dorian’s passion for simplicity and effectiveness. In every case, the development started with a desire to solve tough problems faster or provide leadership support. There was the seed of a creative idea; followed by the painstaking development of an algorithm that was both effective and technically sound. Then the technique was honed and refined to make it simpler and more effective. As Leonardo DaVinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Shainin’s methodologies support effective communication of strategies and results to our client’s leaders and their customers.

These technology developments have supported the expansion of our service portfolio into business process improvements and new product design and development.

Here are some examples:

The Bennett Method™ – a new method for analyzing the results of designed experiments that more accurately represents the effects of interactions.

TransaXional® – a new system for optimizing business systems and solving business process problems based on a functional analysis of the system.

Event to Energy Transform – a disciplined method to measure the energy required to fail a system, assembly or component that provides key insights into the physics of a failure.

Resilient Engineering – a risk reduction system that supports trouble free product and process launches.

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