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Shainin Around the World

We are never out of reach. You have access to our global network of experts who concentrate their knowledge and expertise on the issues that matter to you.

Shainin`s consulting team members are positioned all over the world. While all Shainin team members are fluent in English, many are proficient in guiding clients in their native languages. Based on needs, industry or region, an experienced, specialized team can be dispatched to address the situation. With Shainin`s global presence, experts can arrive within 24 hours.

Shainin’s consultants bring expertise in product development, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain management, project management and organizational transformation. Prior to joining Shainin, consultants have worked multiple years in diverse fields such as: aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, pharmaceutical, plastics, consumer products and telecommunications.

Shainin works with top executives to link critical problems to projects for engineering, manufacturing and quality personnel; focusing resources throughout the organization. This process has been used successfully to launch defect-free products; to improve quality and throughput and to reduce reliability problems that lead to warranty claims.

Locations in: Seattle, Detroit, São Paulo, Munich, Bursa, Pune and Shanghai.

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