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Articles of Interest

In this section, we provide interesting articles about various Shainin technologies:

This study Illustrates:  Automotive Industry’s View of the Current State of Quality and a Strategic Path Forward.
“OEMs and Suppliers both identify Problem Solving is their #1 most critical issue.” 

Dorian Awards 2019 WINNERS

Shainin is pleased to honor outstanding individuals and companies for their achievements and accomplishments with Red X® Technologies. This year in total 9 distinct Dorian Shainin Awards were bestowed. Over 300 submissions were received for the categories of Individual [...]

Dorian Awards 2019 – Jury Nominations

Shainin is pleased to announce the following formal jury nominations for Dorian Awards. The final winners will be announced on January 15, 2020   Benchmark Apprentice Project Deepanjan Mukherjee, Bosch Ltd., Powertrain Solutions, Nashik Plant, India Geert Veenstra, Philips, Personal [...]

Dorian’s Development of Overstress Probe Testing

Dorian’s Development of Overstress Probe Testing By Richard D. Shainin In 1961, Dorian was engaged by Grumman to help with their bid for the Apollo program’s lunar module. The Apollo spaceship consisted of three modules: the command [...]

Dorian Awards 2019

Shainin hereby invites you to submit a formal nomination for the 2019 Dorian Shainin Awards.   The prestigious Dorian Shainin Awards will be bestowed to both individuals and companies for outstanding application of Shainin`s Red X® Technologies, and structured problem-solving [...]

Dorian Shainin’s Contribution to the Lunar Mission of NASA

Dorian Shainin's Contribution to the Lunar Mission of NASA Celebrating 50 Years Since Man First Set Foot on the Moon By Richard D. Shainin   In the 1960s, Dorian was engaged as a reliability consultant by Grumman Aerospace. They wanted [...]


谢宁宣布巴西圣保罗新销售办事处的开立     谢宁是复杂技术问题解决和培训服务的全球领导者,今天正式宣布在巴西圣保罗开设了新的销售办事处。谢宁负责巴西市场的运营经理Rafael Cardoso表示,该办事处的开立使谢宁实现了在当地提供葡萄牙语的课程、项目辅导和问题解决服务。 谢宁Red X®方法是多利安 ∙ 谢宁(Dorian Shainin)于1947年发明的,它为质量管理体系带来了有效的汇聚式渐进搜索问题解决方法。谢宁公司多年来延续了多利安的传统,开发了60余个统计工具来快速解决复杂的技术问题。 谢宁总裁Craig Hysong说:“大多数汽车、航空航天及其他各类制造业全球领先企业已将Red X®方法作为其现有质量体系的补充,并从中获益。他们目前正计划在巴西的运营和技术中心实施。 谢宁提供一系列产品和服务,帮助客户预防和解决研发和生产过程中的问题。它帮助企业通过消除浪费、降低设计风险、降低报废率以及最小化保修索赔来实现卓越运营和生产力的提高。 更多信息,请联系 Rafael Cardoso:  +5511999059616          

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