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Living Our Mission: Business Process Improvement with TransaXional

By Craig Hysong
Internal improvements for external benefits. 

As we work to improve products and services around the globe every day to make life easier, we’re running a TransaXional project inside on our own business. Walk through how our mission to transform problem solving approaches is helping us learn to serve you better

Do as i say…and as i do

“It just takes so long to get things done—partly because we’ve got people redoing tasks at different times during the process.”

-TransaXional Class Participant

As we (the Shainin marketing team) attended the TransaXional class, we jumped right into an ongoing discussion of why other course participants were there. Interested in upgrading the customer experience — we wanted to learn what needs to go right internally tomaximize customer experience and realized we had a method to do just that. 

For those who aren’t aware, TransaXional is the business process equivalent to the technical Red X problem solving methodology. Helping you understand what needs to go right in order to ensure success. Since Shainin has invested years (two decades!) perfecting this method, we were eager to use it on ourselves to enhance our process for your benefit and share that journey with you. 

Defining customer experience
Magnifying glass over the word customer

In last quarter’s newsletter, we talked about how our market research demonstrated room for improvement. And mentioned we would be actively working to expand our efforts. We meant that! So, this quarter, using our own tools, we’ve spent our time diving into business process improvement (a TransaXional project) focused on customer experience (CX).

To us, customer experience (CX) includes everything from customer care to ease of use, service features to resources we provide. Every touchpoint you have with Shainin, every communication (or lack of communication) has been considered. That meant our TransaXional project needed to involve the CX process from the time your company reaches out to learn about working together to the time coaching or a problem-solving engagement is resolved.

Identifying the gaps

The idea of TransaXional is that it dives into which functions must be performed correctly —not what is currently done. Using function models, we map what has to go right to give you the best possible outcome. In concluding this function model, we’ve identified some gaps between what actions must successfully occur and what we’re currently doing. In the interest of complete transparency with you, our customer leaders, those areas are listed below:

  • Client-Facing Software
  • Post-Certification Support
  • Ongoing Communication & Additional Support
  • Helping Customers Market Internally
  • Coaching Day Preparations
  • Providing Assets to help present, track, and complete projects
Moving Forward

With that being said, we’ve prioritized our action list and will focus on the critical items first. Based on our coach’s feedback (yep, we have one too!), we’ll be implementing some changes within the next month.

Aside from the customer experience improvements that the TransaXional project is illuminating, going through the process ourselves allows us the chance to see how TransaXional works for you—our customer! Based on the challenges we’ve had so far, we anticipate changes in our coaching approach, making it simpler and more effective for future projects.

If you have general questions or want to know more about how our TransaXional project is going or areas you feel we’ve left out, feel free to contact us here.

Shainin Master Digital Badge Mockup

John Abrahamian

Executive VP - Problem Solving

John Abrahamian is a highly respected problem solver as well as an expert in the field of Lean manufacturing, with a career spanning over three decades. Throughout his career, John has become renowned for his innovative approach to problem-solving and his unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. 
After receiving his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut in 1985, John began his career as a design and development engineer at Pratt & Whitney. It was during this time that his interest in problem-solving first emerged. By 1994, John had become a Continuous Improvement Manager at the company. During his tenure, John led Pratt & Whitney’s efforts in Lean manufacturing and Value Engineering. 
In 1990, John began pursuing his MBA in Operations Management, where he was first introduced to the concept of Lean manufacturing, and this influenced the direction of his career. In 1996, he was encouraged by his Pratt & Whitney team to take Shainin Red X training, building on his Lean manufacturing efforts. This training proved to be a turning point in John’s career, igniting his passion for problem-solving and setting him on a path to becoming one of the industry’s most respected experts. 
In 1998, John joined Shainin, where he has spent the last 25 years pursuing his passion for problem-solving. During his time here, John has developed innovative approaches to problem-solving, having received a US Patent for a problem-solving method. He also integrated function analysis into Shainin methods, seeding what would ultimately become Resilient Engineering.  
Despite his busy schedule, John still finds time to pursue his hobbies, which include golfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and skeet shooting. He especially enjoys traveling with his wife and spending time with family, including his three grandsons. 
Having the opportunity to work in a wide variety of industries, experiencing different cultures and meeting new and interesting people gives John the kind of job satisfaction that makes him grateful to be in this field of work. He truly enjoys creating meaningful relationships with his customers and inspiring ordinary engineers to become extraordinary problem solvers.