Rolling Top 5

Unleash your Problem Solving potential

Maximize your ROI by developing a problem solving culture that's sustainable and effective

with Rolling Top 5 Leadership

Developing a culture starts at the top

Build a system that selects and sponsors impactful projects, develops effective problem solvers, and fosters a thriving environment. With Rolling Top 5 (RT5), you can:

  1. Identify impactful projects
  2. Manage timely investigations
  3. Create & nurture proficient teams
  4. Develop a problem solving culture worth having
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Stop Tool Hopping

Start Structuring for fast solutions

As a leader, much of your company’s success rides on your shoulders. When you need to solve multiple problems, you need a way to consistently prioritize projects, select the right teams and support them to efficiently execute the tasks they’ve been given.

  • No more ever-changing priorities
  • No more minimal impact to the bottom line
  • No more doubting your team can handle it
  • No more scattered effort with dismal results

Enhance your Problem solving Capability with RT5

Create a Sustainable & Effective Problem Solving Culture

Rolling Top 5 provides structure to ensure your most important problems get solved fast, and to increase the impact to your bottom line. Whether you use multiple problem solving methods or just one, use RT5 to enhance their efficacy. With a module on each of the major components of building a healthy problem solving culture, RT5 is the supercharge you have been looking for.

What makes it different?

The Modules


Intro to Shainin Concepts

Learn the core principles of Shainin and how we apply them to solve problems.


Structured Problem Solving & the Problem solving transmission

Learn how to structure your problem solving efforts to apply the methodology you need for each type of problem.


Project Selection

Learn how to select projects that will have significant impact by leveraging the Pareto principle and multiple metrics for like events.


Project Sponsorship

Give your leaders strategies and tools to effectively sponsor problem solving projects in your organization.


Problem Solving Culture

Learn how to instill the importance of problem solving throughout your organization, from top to bottom.


Personnel selection & development

Learn what makes a great problem solver and how to identify and develop those characteristics in your own team members.

Ready for problem solving structure that has impact?

Building Problem Solving Capabilites together

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Don't promote inefficiency

Create a strong Problem solving culture with RT5

When you’re ready to

  • consistently select projects that positively impact your bottom line
  • develop and retain excellent problem solvers
  • solve important problems with speed and efficiency
  • support your business goals by becoming an even more effective leader

…we’re standing by, ready to assist.

Develop your problem solving Leadership

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The Issue:

Having trouble identifying which problems need the most resources? Debating within leadership about which projects are priority? Not getting enough impact from your ongoing problem-solving efforts?

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The Solution:

Rolling Top 5 Training & Implementation

One of our problem-solving leadership experts will come to your facility to train your leadership team to identify, prioritize and implement a problem solving structure that supercharges your impact.

How It Works:
  1. Setting the Scope | We’ll meet to review your goals & verify that RT5 is a good fit for your needs.
  2. Executive Coaching | RT5 training may be conducted in person at your facility or an off-site location over 1 day, or virtually over 2 half days. We’ll explain the concepts and start the initial stages of implementing the strategies in your business.
  3. Implement | We’ll support your leadership in selecting the right people, the right projects, and sponsoring them to closure.

start maximizing your problem solving efforts

Still have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RT5 (rolling Top 5)?

Rolling Top 5 is a tool and a mindset. The tool helps you choose and focus on the top projects in your organization. The mindset helps you build a problem-solving focused culture from the ground up, allowing your company to solve any problem that comes your way.

Who is it good for?

RT5 training is well suited for leaders who are responsible for project teams. Leaders who will select projects, build project teams, sponsor projects, and help ensure that corrective actions are implemented are perfect candidates for RT5 training.

how much time does it take?

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Transforming your organization into a center of excellence in problem solving won’t happen overnight either, but we’ve see organizations implement these principles and transform their teams in less than 2 years. 

What do we get out of this?

RT5 is a structured approach to building a culture that will help point everyone in your team towards the same goals, solving the projects that contribute to larger gains, in a quick and efficient way to see rapid bottom line improvements and significant returns on your investments with us.

How can we insure it's effective for us?

Rolling Top 5 is the cornerstone of a successful cultural shift to problem solving proficiency. The best way to ensure that it is effective is to hold each other accountable for creating the new structure and taking the time and effort to implement this new framework for your entire leadership team. We’re here to assist whenever you have additional questions or need support. 

Innovative structure & refined simplicity that yield speed to resolution

Let our team of dedicated problem solvers help resolve your most impactful issues. Contact us today to team up!