Making business processes productive and pain-free

Resolve the business process errors that derail your progress and disrupt your productivity

with TransaXional Problem Solving


Making business processes productive and pain-free

Resolve the business process errors that derail your progress and disrupt your productivity

with TransaXional Problem Solving

Following a process shouldn't be hard...

But somehow, it is. Your teams are frustrated, the work isn’t getting accomplished, and it’s impeding your progress. You’re not sure which part of the process isn’t working. You’ve looked at the data, asked each part of the team, and all you get is finger-pointing and no clear path to resolution. You don’t have to scrap the process or the team.

You just need a different approach. With TransaXional, you can:

Find the issue

Eliminate the back and forth. TransaXional will identify what’s going wrong and outline actions to resolve it.

Unite your team

Getting on the same page and having a unified understanding of the process helps everyone see how their piece impacts the whole puzzle.

Streamline your process

Review and improve redundant steps while maintaining the functional aspects of your process.

Improving teamwork together

TransaXional is trusted by brands like

root cause training

Stop the confusion

and streamline your processes

When processes fail, interdepartmental relations do too. Everyone feels like someone else didn’t do their part. Typical process resolution methods don’t unify all the parties involved. They tend to add more work with workarounds that burden everyone. Stop adding more steps and start focusing on what must go right.

  • No more finger-pointing and blame
  • No more additional check steps
  • No more lack of understanding the process
  • No more living with process interruptions

the TransaXional approach

What Must Go Right, not just "what's going wrong"

TransaXional looks at business processes in a similar way to technical ones. Rather than looking at all the possible ways a process could go wrong, we focus on what must go right to achieve the desired result. It’s a subtle but impactful shift. TransaXional incorporates not only the what, but also the why. It helps to bring inter-departmental teams together so everyone understands not only what happens but why it happens and when it happens. It helps to bridge the gaps that many SOPs (standard operating procedures) seem to create.

What makes it different?

The Framework, the tools & the Mindset


The Framework

DETAIL is the 6-step framework TransaXional employs to strategically identify and resolve the critical functions not being met by your current process. This framework allows teams to go through a structured activity to refine existing processes to meet their functional needs.

Functional Analysis

The Tools

As businesses grow and evolve, the processes used often are modified, expanded, changed, or merged with new processes. In these changes lies the potential for errors. TransaXional tools focus on the functions your process must perform and identify which function isn’t being met even when your process steps are being followed.

What Must go Right

The Mindset

When something goes wrong, our instinct is to ask “what went wrong?”. And often times, that works to resolve the issue. But when it doesn’t and we’ve insured that our instructions were followed and the standards were met, our mindset has to shift. We begin to look at the “Why” behind the failure by focusing on what must go right. It simplifies our list of potential solutions and we are able to prioritize corrective actions.

Ready for processes that run like well-oiled machines?

From the Case Files:

Prototype parts picking Errors

Project Background:

A Shainin client has an initiative from top management to focus on improving the quality of their product launches. Recently they’ve been experiencing build errors caused by incorrect parts, requiring them to rebuild prototypes multiple times.

The Challenge:

Delays in prototype builds are impacting their ability to have on-time, trouble-free launches.

The Assignment:

Expose the critical function(s) that is causing delays in the prototype builds.

The Result:

The team discovered breakdowns in the design change process that delayed parts ordering and resulted in delayed prototype engine builds.

As a solution, the team created a formal escalation and approval process for design changes that would negatively impact the prototype build schedule.

Stack of photos of prototype building

Resolve the Disruptions

Two ways to Resolve

When business processes malfunction, the disruption can be felt by more than just one team. It has a potentially large impact on multiple parts of your business. And it doesn’t have to continue. There’s another option. In fact, there are two options to start resolving the process issues that derail your timelines and disrupt your productivity.

Resolve a Disruption Now

The Issue:

Have a complex process that’s causing problems? Unable to deliver results on time due to process issues? Need to address one process that keeps getting delayed or derailed?

The Solution:

A TransaXional Problem Solving Engagement

One of our dedicated problem-solving experts will come to your facility to assist you in resolving your problem.

How It Works:
  1. Setting the Scope | We’ll meet to review your project & prepare a custom strategy
  2. Milestone-Based Investigation | A TransaXional project occurs in phases. We’re confident enough to tie our pricing to each phase of completion.
  3. Implement & Celebrate | The investigation yields action items. Complete those actions and watch your problem disappear. That’s certainly worth celebrating.

Learn to Resolve Many

Shainin consultant conducting Red X training for customers in a meeting space
The Objective:

Have a focus on continuous improvement? Looking for ways to increase productivity of your business processes? Want to enhance your toolkit for building and sustaining streamlined processes?

The Solution:

TransaXional Training & Certification

Enhance your process improvement skills through TransaXional Training & Certification

We’ll train, coach, and certify your teams to solve business process problems faster.

How It Works:
  1. Setting the Scope | We’ll meet to review your goals & prepare a custom strategy
  2. Select & Train | We’ll help you define projects and select team members to send to training.
  3. Solve & Certify | We’ll coach them through the successful completion of their projects.
  4. Celebrate | Completing a project and resolving a problem is certainly something worth celebrating.
  5. Level Up | Get ready for the next level of training and tools to enhance your team’s skills even further.

start Resolving the Disruptions

Still have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is transaXional?

If you have been rigorously following your standards and you’re still having problems, you need a different approach. TransaXional focuses on what has to go right to uncover the hidden causes of failures in your business process

Why is it called TransaXional?

We developed this methodology specifically for business processes. These processes are typically transactional in nature, in that they detail how specific business transactions should work. TransaXional is a distinctly different set of tools when compared to our other methodologies, but the principles are the same.

What types of processes can it be used on?

Any process in your business where the metric of interest is not physics based.

How long does a project take?

TransaXional can be used at different levels of scope, from company wide to a specific problem in one department at one location. Nevertheless, the initial steps of risk assessment and function modeling may usually be completed very quickly, measured in days or weeks, not in months. From there, the scope of the project and the support of the organization in implementing solutions will determine the time to project closure.

How can we ensure it's effective for us?

The most successful TransaXional projects are those with cross functional teams who can help build a common and complete understanding of the process in question. With this foundation, the team is able to make rapid improvements to the process.

Innovative structure & refined simplicity that yield speed to resolution

Let our team of dedicated problem solvers help resolve your most impactful issues. Contact us today to team up!