Problem Solving Training & Certification

Enhance your
Problem Solving Capability

root cause training, coaching, and certification to help you solve more problems fast

with Shainin Training Services

In A World Where Your Customers Can Source A New Vendor Tomorrow...

the ability to Solve Problems matters

With customers wanting perfect products, the pressure is on to produce good quality components without defects. Whether your team is working on designing new components and hoping for a trouble-free launch or reacting to daily problems, they need a streamlined approach to get accurate answers fast. 

Choose the path that makes the most sense for your team. 

Determine your needs

The right training for your team depends on where in the product life-cycle you are. Each method serves a different component of the problem-solving journey. 

Decide on the structure

Once you know which training you need, we’ll make recommendations for program structure and integration to help you maximize your efforts. 

Develop your team

Training can be hosted by Shainin or by you. If you have enough team members, we’re happy to come to you to complete training, coaching, and certification. 

Building capability to

Get Recognized, Not Reprimanded

Help not hinder

Solve problems so well that your customers call you for problem solving assistance

Speed & Efficiency

Solve problems faster than you ever thought possible using a proven, structured methodology.

Conserve Resources

Save time and money by testing the right things to streamline the investigation without compromising quality.

Clear Communication

Speak the same problem solving language throughout your organization that gets straight to the point.

...with a problem solving program that functions like a well-oiled machine

Problem solving Program ROI

An ROI you can Boast About

Customer Return on Investment Graph showing ROI of 76:1 in year 4 of the Rolling Top 5 and Red X Program. Graph also shows Year 1-4 for the money saved by implementing those as well. Year 4 shows a savings of nearly $90million.

Just like in your business, anything worth having costs something. Wondering how good of an ROI you could get from root cause training? 

One of our customers shared their ROI with us during the first four years of our partnership. At year 4, they had reached an ROI of 76:1 and saved $275M USD.

What’s your problem-solving program’s ROI?

Train with Intention

Become a problem Solving Master

Mastering problem solving requires practice and dedication. Our training courses are strategically crafted to help your team and organization become masters at solving problems. 

Train - Do - Certify

The Training Path

Following a Train-Do-Certify structure, our primary courses require all three pieces to be completed. To get the most out of attending class, we assist customers in selecting appropriate projects to assign to their teams. Once the team has attended class, each team or individual is paired with a Shainin coach to aid them in completing their assigned project. After project completion of the training class and the project, each team member has the opportunity to become certified. This structure allows your team to learn the method, practice it in a real-life, guided way, and verifies they learned what they should have to be able to continue to produce similar results for your organization. 

Attend Training

Complete a Project

Pass Certification

Apprentice - Journeyman - Master

Training Track

Shainin Apprentice Digital Badge Mockup


Shainin Journeyman Digital Badge Mockup


Shainin Master Digital Badge Mockup


Becoming a master takes practice, and a good bit of it. But when it comes to becoming a Shainin Master, we are creating not just problem solvers but also problem solving coaches. Individuals who can assist others in completing projects effectively and efficiently. To become a Master, an individual must complete all three levels of certification: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. Each level requires at least one class attended, a minimum of one project completed, and passing a certification verification with a Shainin Coach. Having a Master in your organization enables your team to not only solve complex problems fast but also multiply the effects of your problem solving efforts.  

Red X - TransaXional - Resilient Engineering - Rolling Top 5

Problem Solving Disciplines

Mastering problem solving is a necessary skill in multiple areas of any business. Each of our problem solving strategies has a specific place to be applied. Our methods can be used to:

Depending on your current needs and future goals, one or all of these disciplines may be the problem solving tool you’ve been searching for. 

Eliminate problems faster and more efficiently with a transformative approach

strategically crafted to shift the way you solve problems

Shainin consultant conducting Red X training for customers in a meeting space

Ready to get started Solving Problems?

We're glad to hear it!

Since you know the value of what we’re talking about, you know we’re selective about our partners. We don’t work with everyone. 

We partner with organizations that value investing in their business and their team. We want to help you create a problem-solving program that doesn’t leave any team member out of the loop. 

We have root cause training available in various countries around the globe, but we only offer so many each year. Let’s talk about what dates best fit your team. If you’re interested in creating a full problem solving program, let’s talk about training at your facility. 

If you’re interested in having a conversation to determine what our partnership could look like, we’re standing by…

…ready to talk…

from anywhere in the world. 

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Learn more about our TRansformative Strategies & approach

Simple in form, Statistically Rigorous by Nature

Red X Problem Solving

Solve complex technical problems fast by converging on the hidden cause

Resilient Engineering

Expose & address high risk issues before your product launches.

Transaxional Problem Solving

Discover the source of business process failures without all the finger pointing

Rolling top 5 leadership

Maximize problem solving ROI by building a competency and culture

Innovative structure & refined simplicity that yield speed to resolution

Let our team of dedicated problem solvers help enhance your problem solving capability. Contact us today to team up!

Shainin Master Digital Badge Mockup

John Abrahamian

Executive VP - Problem Solving

John Abrahamian is a highly respected problem solver as well as an expert in the field of Lean manufacturing, with a career spanning over three decades. Throughout his career, John has become renowned for his innovative approach to problem-solving and his unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. 
After receiving his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut in 1985, John began his career as a design and development engineer at Pratt & Whitney. It was during this time that his interest in problem-solving first emerged. By 1994, John had become a Continuous Improvement Manager at the company. During his tenure, John led Pratt & Whitney’s efforts in Lean manufacturing and Value Engineering. 
In 1990, John began pursuing his MBA in Operations Management, where he was first introduced to the concept of Lean manufacturing, and this influenced the direction of his career. In 1996, he was encouraged by his Pratt & Whitney team to take Shainin Red X training, building on his Lean manufacturing efforts. This training proved to be a turning point in John’s career, igniting his passion for problem-solving and setting him on a path to becoming one of the industry’s most respected experts. 
In 1998, John joined Shainin, where he has spent the last 25 years pursuing his passion for problem-solving. During his time here, John has developed innovative approaches to problem-solving, having received a US Patent for a problem-solving method. He also integrated function analysis into Shainin methods, seeding what would ultimately become Resilient Engineering.  
Despite his busy schedule, John still finds time to pursue his hobbies, which include golfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and skeet shooting. He especially enjoys traveling with his wife and spending time with family, including his three grandsons. 
Having the opportunity to work in a wide variety of industries, experiencing different cultures and meeting new and interesting people gives John the kind of job satisfaction that makes him grateful to be in this field of work. He truly enjoys creating meaningful relationships with his customers and inspiring ordinary engineers to become extraordinary problem solvers.