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Solve complex problems faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible & create a sustainable problem-solving program to keep your ROI growing

Is your problem keeping you up at night?

Need better ROI from your problem solving?

Missed Targets and Customer Complaints drain your business, your wallet, your employees, and your reputation

We Hear It All the Time...
...But it's not True

How many times have you heard “We’ve tried everything”? With complex products & processes come complex problems. The longer those problems go unsolved, the more “it can’t be solved” seems to be all you hear.

Stop wasting time, money, and energy on painful problems that seem to never truly go away. Stop arguing with customers or suppliers about whose fault it is. When you’re ready to fix the problem once and for all, we’re here to help solve it NOW!

With over 70 years of problem-solving experience & a proven process, we help solve your biggest problem & relieve the pressure coming from stakeholders. Ready to get it solved?

A Few of Our Partners in Problem Solving

Partnership in Solving Problems

When your processes and products are affected by waste and quality problems, it not only hurts your bottom line—it hurts your customers too. Whether they’re internal customers (like your leadership or employees) or external customers, how you solve problems matters. 

Refined while helping Fortune 500 companies solve their most critical, long-running problems, our process can help you solve problems faster with a methodical and empathetic hands-on approach. Let’s develop a partnership that truly supports your team. 

Step 1

Get Acquainted
Each business is different. We’ll use this initial time to get to know your business and any issues you particularly want to address. As a global problem solving resource, we have problem solvers that understand and speak your language.

Step 2

Create a Partnership

We’ll solidify our partnership with a custom proposal and an agreement. Our partners often don’t want their business in the public eye. Our agreement encompasses both privacy and IP.

Step 3

Follow Our Strategy

Our experts guide your team to actual results. From Training Programs to urgent Problem Solving, our strategy yields resolution for your toughest issues.

Step 4

Keep Customers Happy
When you can solve tough problems consistently, everyone wants you on their team. Our partnership will help instill trust in your customers that you take quality and reliability seriously.

Consistently Control the Chaos

Guide Your Team to Success

While urgent problems need immediate attention, they often aren’t the only problems. When the focus is on the fire, sub-standard workarounds can become commonplace. Your team is stretched thin and doing the best they can with inadequate resources. You’re all tired of losing sleep over the never-ending problem list. It’s time to make a change.

Are you ready to help them get more done? Solve problems faster and more efficiently? We provide the guidance internal employees need to save millions of dollars, improve quality, and enhance brand loyalty.

Solving problems quickly and efficiently is all about the approach. Does your team need a different approach?

Man stopping dominos from falling

What Our Customers Say

Sometimes others can say it better than we can. Here’s what some of our partners in problem solving have to say. 

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Margaret Curtis​
Real Estate Developer
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Matthew Fox​
Development Company
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John Doe

Upcoming Events

Red X Apprentice Classes

In Red X Apprentice classes, students learn strategies and techniques for finding the hidden causes that are keeping their systems from performing efficiently and effectively. 

status: 3 courses Still available in q4 2021 (contact us for details)
Red X Product Performance Class

Students learn techniques for solving engineering problems that emerge during development, production trials, and initial launch where smaller sample sizes are typical.

status: 1 Course Remaining in Q4 2021 (Contact Us For Details)
Dorian Award Nominations

Dorian Shainin Awards are bestowed on companies, leaders, and project teams for demonstrating the outstanding application of Shainin’s Red X® Technologies and structured problem-solving leadership.

status: Nominations Open 11/15/2021

Let's Begin Your Journey

You care about your customers and so do we. When you’re plagued by a problem that just won’t go away, it can have a lasting impact on your business.

We want you to feel empowered to solve your complex problems with ease and confidence. We’ll provide the guidance to help you save money, improve quality, invest in your team, and enhance your customer relationships.