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Problem Solving


As products and processes have become more complex, solving problems is more challenging. Market leaders must respond rapidly with cost-effective, sustainable solutions.

What We Do

When a client faces a crisis situation, Shainin delivers immediate technical and project management support. Alternative solutions for a sustainable fix become available once the true failure physics have been revealed. Shainin uses a highly structured approach to reveal the vital few contributors causing the problem.

Shainin’s project management leadership provides timely updates that communicate both progress and next steps in a clear and simple format. They are sensitive to the emotionally charged atmosphere associated with a crisis and deliver objective evidence to defuse the situation.


Shainin brings an independent, third-party perspective to the situation; increasing the problem solving credibility of the client’s task force with customers and suppliers.


By challenging conventional wisdom, Shainin has developed unique strategies and techniques to isolate the few critical factors impacting the performance and reliability of complex systems. Shainin’s engineering consultants combine these technical problem solving strategies with years of industry experience to solve problems that were thought to be unsolvable.

Manufacturing Improvement

In today’s highly competitive global markets, leaders need to maximize production line performance by bringing yield and throughput to the world-class  levels.


A Shainin cross functional team will work with client manufacturing, test and product engineers to discover the hidden critical component feature(s) or manufacturing process parameters that are causing undesirable product variation.


Shainin projects improve test stand and production yield; allowing on time delivery and lower operational costs through reduced scrap, rework and retesting.


Shainin’s experience in reducing manufacturing process variation in virtually every industry is exemplified by their strategic approach to isolating critical factors which lead to better control.

Product Improvement

Product innovations can set manufacturers apart from the competition; but only if they achieve the expected performance levels on a consistent basis. Whether in the product development phase or post start of production, having some product performing below expectations will have a significant impact on customer acceptance, regulatory approval and ultimately financial performance.


A Shainin cross functional team will work with client product engineers to develop innovative measurement and test strategies that produce valuable insights into the physics behind a performance shortfall. Alternative solutions for a sustainable fix become available once the true failure physics have been revealed.


Shainin projects consistently deliver improved product performance from development testing through customer application; producing strong returns for investments in innovation.


Shainin has extensive experience in solving problems with very small sample sizes, which is usually the case with product development units.

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