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View current and past winners and finalists of the Dorian Awards as well as the criteria used to select those projects.

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Each year the criteria for the awards gets a little more rigorous as participation in nominations increases. View this year’s Dorian Awards and Criteria to see what projects are eligible for this year. 

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Dorian Awards Criteria

Team Project Awards

Transaxional Business

Business processes deliver critical functions. But sometimes processes break, and the reason isn’t clear. TransaXional Business Projects focus on what must go right in a process for it to deliver the desired result every time.  The  TransaXional Business Project of the Year Award recognizes projects that focus on process-based problems. Projects that win this award will demonstrate: 

  • The impact of the problem for the company and the team 
  • The strategy implemented to complete the project.
  • Creative & effective use of the Shainin Transaxional tools  
  • The timeline of resolution from initial discovery through project closure