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Training Services

Certification Levels

Training Services – Develops all levels of a client`s organization to create an effective problem solving culture.

Shainin training programs consist of three major elements: class room training, coaching to complete projects and certification.

In today`s highly competitive global market, reputations are built on the ability to respond well to problems. Active engagement at all levels, including management, is essential for building an effective problem solving culture.

Shainin develops critical skills to sponsor and lead successful investigations which reveal the hidden causes impacting system performance and reliability.
Shainin`s highly regarded, third-party certification provides objective standards to assess the capabilities of both sponsors and team leaders.
Shainin develops all levels of a client`s organization to create an effective problem solving culture.

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Europe and Asia

Kerstin Wittenbrink

Kerstin Wittenbrink

Training Services Manager
Europe & Asia
Schäfflerstraße 3
80333 Munich

Phone: +49 89 7260918 -404
Fax: +49 89 7260918 -10

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North and South America

Sandy Cornellier

Sandy Cornellier

Director of Training Services
North & South America
41820 Six Mile Road
Suite 103
Northville, MI 48168

Phone: +1 (248) 344 2020 -310
Fax: +1 (248) 344-2045

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Asia Pacific

Emmy Feng

Emmy Feng

Marketing and Training Manager
Asia Pacific
569 South Xizang Road
Fuxing SPACES, Suite 209
Huangpu District
Shanghai 201100

Phone: +86 (21) 5353 7011

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